About Weg2De

Weg2De, formerly recognized as Study in Germany NG, has been a beacon of excellence since its establishment in 2018. Over the years, our steadfast commitment has been to facilitate seamless transitions for individuals aspiring to study and explore various opportunities in Germany.


Our mission is to enable people to find their way in the German labour market. We achieve this through a wide range of language courses, career guidance and holistic support services.


At Weg2De, we strive to be a leading institution that helps people to successfully shape their educational and career paths in Germany.


Our Team

Founder & Consultant


A visionary leader at the nexus of Travel Services, Recruiting, and Information Technology. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, Ishaq is the founder and consultant behind Weg2De. His expertise lies in optimizing processes and delivering strategic solutions that drive results. Passionate about making a difference, Ishaq is committed to excellence in every endeavor, ensuring unforgettable experiences for clients and fostering environments where talent thrives.

Contact: ishaq.kokumo@weg2de.com

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Discover German language and orientation courses tailored to your specific travel objectives at Weg2De Akademie. Explore our offerings based on the purpose of your journey to Germany by clicking the link below.

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