German for Professionals

This six-month German language course is specifically designed for IT professionals, healthcare workers, engineers and other professionals who aim to develop proficiency in German language skills tailored to their respective fields. Spanning from beginner level A1 to intermediate level B1, the course provides a comprehensive linguistic foundation while integrating industry-specific vocabulary and scenarios.

Throughout the duration of the course, learners will engage in interactive and communicative language activities that focus on practical language use in IT, Engineering and healthcare contexts. Each session, scheduled three times a week with three units of 45 minutes per day, is carefully structured to optimize learning outcomes while accommodating busy professional schedules.

The course begins with an introduction to the German language, covering basic greetings, vocabulary, and essential grammar structures. As learners progress through the levels, they will acquire the language skills necessary for everyday interactions, professional communication, and specialized tasks within the IT, engineering and healthcare domains.

Key topics covered include:

– Vocabulary related to IT, engineering and healthcare professions
– Describing job responsibilities and tasks
– Discussing technological advancements and medical procedures
– Handling emergencies and crisis situations
– Structuring and delivering presentations
– Writing reports and summaries
– Participating in meetings and discussions

Instructors utilize a variety of teaching methodologies, including interactive exercises, role-plays, multimedia resources, and real-life simulations, to create an immersive and dynamic learning environment. Learners receive regular feedback on their language performance and progress, enabling them to track their development and address areas for improvement effectively.

By the end of the course, participants will have gained the linguistic skills and confidence to engage confidently in German-language interactions within their professional contexts, enhancing their career opportunities and cross-cultural communication abilities in the global marketplace.

Entry Requirements:

– Applicants should have completed a Bachelors degree or a minimum of 2 years vocational training in (Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, IT, Engineering, Surveying, Architecture etc.)
– Have minimum of 2 years working experience
– For IT Professionals without degree, minimum of 3 years working experience
– English Language skills on Level B1
– Be interested in learning the German language and working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland

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