German B1 for Professionals

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German B1 for Professionals course – intermediate course of the German for Professionals series. Specifically designed for Professionals with work experience.


German B1 for Professionals course – intermediate course of the German for professionals series.

The course is specifically designed for IT professionals, healthcare workers, engineers and other professionals who aim to develop proficiency in German language skills tailored to their respective fields.

Throughout the duration of the course, learners will engage in interactive and communicative language activities that focus on practical language use in IT, Engineering and healthcare contexts.

Each session, scheduled three times a week with three units of 45 minutes per day, is carefully structured to optimize learning outcomes while accommodating busy professional schedules.

Key topics covered include:

  • Vocabulary related to IT, engineering and healthcare professions
  • Describing job responsibilities and tasks
  • Discussing technological advancements and medical procedures
  • Handling emergencies and crisis situations
  • Structuring and delivering presentations
  • Writing reports and summaries
  • Participating in meetings and discussions

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